Bibkeeper is a Java application for managing BibTeX (.bib) databases. Bibkeeper is intended to have a user-friendly graphical interface, and runs on all platforms for which the Java Virtual Machine is available. The primary aim of Bibkeeper is not to have the most features, but the most useful ones.

Bibkeeper is open source and freely distributable under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

The members of the Bibkeeper development group are (in order of joining) Morten O. Alver, David Weitzman, Nathan Dunn, Cristoph Steinbeck and Joerg K. Wegner.


30 November: Bibkeeper has merged with JBibtexManager to create the new project JabRef. Today the first release of JabRef is out, and it contains most features of Bibkeeper and JBibtexManager, plus some new ones. We recommend that Bibkeeper users switch to JabRef, and that feature requests are addressed to the JabRef project.

9 October: Bibkeeper 0.4 released.

4 October: The groups interface has been merged into the main branch. If you have trouble compiling after an update, try checking out a new version. We'll be ready for the 0.4 version soon - it'll be a great improvement over the last stable version - but there are a couple of details to fix first. In a week or two it'll probably be there.

22 September: What is happening? The next feature to expect is the ability to define quick searches, or groups, specifically for a bibtex database. We belive this could be of great help in structuring the entries in your databases. This feature will be available as soon as it's finished.

9 September: Entries are now saved in the sort order they are shown in the main window (except all crossreferring entries must go first).

Latest release

To obtain the very latest version you can download the sources from our CVS repository. This will most likely give you functionality not found in the latest release, but might also contain unstable elements.

The sources are downloaded using the following command (provided you have the CVS program installed):
cvs checkout bibkeeper

The latest stable release is Bibkeeper 0.4 (released 9 October 2003). Click on the screenshots to enlarge.

For discussion forums, downloads and bug submission, visit the Bibkeeper project page at Sourceforge. Logo

Latest update: 30 November 2003